History 1120 Portfolio by Chanel Krusel

"If you stop learning, you stop creating history, and you become history" - Anonymous

What is Canadian History?

At the very beginning of the semester, we were assigned to write a paragraph on what we thought history was and how we do it? Below is my paragraph that I wrote on the first day of class about how… Continue Reading →

References Used in this E portfolio

Bibliography for Research Paper & Document Analysis Anthony, Kate, Dobbs, Maggie, Naples, David, Vazzano, Brian. “Jesuit Missionaries in New France.” Gettysburg College. n.d. http://public.gettysburg.edu/~tshannon/hist106web/Canada/_private/jesuit_missionaries_in_new_franc.htm Gray, Charlotte, Canada a Portrait in Letters (Ottawa, Ontario: Anchor Canada, 2003), 49-50. Miller, James R…. Continue Reading →

Research Paper on the Relationship between First Nations People and Settlers

This is my research paper on the relationship between First Nations and Settlers Pre-Confederation. This was a topic that I was very passionate about, and I really wanted to portray what life was like for these people who were abused… Continue Reading →

Document Analysis

In History, we had to develop a research project of any topic of our choice pre-confederation. I decided to base mine off of the relationship between first nations people and the settlers over an extended period of time. We developed… Continue Reading →

Reading Log # 5

This is my fifth reading log that I have written for my History 1120 class, and this as by far my favorite topic to write about. In this article, I read about the Acadians, and what life was life for… Continue Reading →

Reading Log # 4

Reading Log number four, this wasn’t some of my best writing for my reading logs. I found the articles that we read a bit uninteresting, and therefore I struggled quite a bit when trying to understand the articles I read… Continue Reading →

Reading Log # 3

This is my third reading log, by this time I understood what Tracy was looking for in the reading logs more clearly and I can see my writing develop into better understanding of the material. In this particular reading log,… Continue Reading →

Reading Log # 2

This is my Reading Log #2. For this reading log I had to read two articles about the relationship between the Europeans and the First Nations People. It discussed how to Europeans forced the Natives into Christianity, and mistreated them…. Continue Reading →

Reading Log #1

Each week in Tracy Penny-Light’s class we had to read a few articles or journals and report our feelings on each reading. Here lies my reading log #1. For this particular reading we had to read an article that discussed… Continue Reading →

About Me

Hey, my name is Chanel Krusel, and this is my e-portfolio for my first year history class! I am a first year student currently attending Thompson Rivers University. I am wanting to become an elementary school teacher one day. I… Continue Reading →

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